Notice of Court Decision to Discontinue Holding Session in the City of Tulelake.

Notice of Court Decision to Discontinue Holding Session in the City of Tulelake. (Government Code section 68106) Pursuant to Government Code section 68106, the Superior Court of California, County of Siskiyou, hereby gives public notice of its decision to discontinue holding session in Tulelake, California. The court currently holds session in Tulelake one day per month, hearing infraction cases, small claims, and misdemeanor arraignments. Commencing August 1, 2011, the court will transfer all matters currently pending in Tulelake to be heard at its Dorris Branch, located at 324 N. Pine Street, Dorris, California 96023. (The driving distance between the two locations is about 26 miles.) The change will not affect the court clerks’ office hours. There is currently no court clerks’ office at the Tulelake location. The court clerk’s office in Dorris will continue to be open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except for court holidays, following the change. The court finds it necessary to discontinue holding session in Tulelake for the following reasons: 1. Financial crisis—The court’s state-allocated funding has been cut by more than $200,000 in the past two years. As a result, the court has had to eliminate vacant staff positions and is operating with a deficit. 2. Cash payments—In November 2010, following a re-organization, the City of Tulelake ceased providing trained staff to receive cash payments of fees and fines for the court. Court users therefore must travel from Tulelake to Dorris in any event to tender such payments. 3. Greater efficiency—Combining the Dorris and Tulelake calendars will allow the court greater flexibility and efficiency in scheduling, freeing staff for other duties. It also will eliminate the need for a Judicial Officer, clerk, and bailiff to drive to and from Tulelake every month, which will save time and reduce expenses. 4. Improved security—Security at the court’s Tulelake location is provided by a single bailiff who attends court sessions. The Dorris Courthouse, in contrast, has a magnetometer, bullet-proof glass in the clerks’ area, a separate courtroom entrance for the judge, and secured parking. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has a station attached to the Dorris Courthouse. Thus transfer of Tulelake cases to Dorris will increase security for court users, judges, and staff. 5. Access to case files—The court clerk currently maintains all case files for Tulelake and Dorris matters at the Dorris Courthouse. The clerk therefore must transport files to Tulelake for the monthly calendar. Because the Tulelake calendar includes walk-in customers, the clerk must transport every file that potentially could be needed. The practice is inefficient and cumbersome. Hearing all matters in Dorris where the case files are located will improve efficiency and reduce costs. 6. Access to court’s case management system—To conserve costs, because it holds session in Tulelake only one day per month, the court has opted not to incur the expense of connecting that location to its computer case management system in Dorris. The result, however, has been that the clerk must keep manual records of all payments and minute entries for Tulelake sessions, entering the information into the court’s case management system later, after returning to Dorris. Consolidating operations at Dorris will avoid delays and reduce the potential for record-keeping errors, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

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