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Dictionaries and Secondary Sources

California Legislation and Codes

California Cases

California Agency Materials

Federal Legislative Materials

Federal Cases

Federal Agency Materials

Legal Directories

Legal Forms

Legal News and Journals


Municipal Codes / Ordinances

Additional Resources

General Reference Sources

Government Web Sites



Local Rules for Other Counties located in California

This link provides access to the Local Rules for other Counties located in California.

Click on the link above to view the local rules available via the Internet for other Counties located in California.


Dictionaries and Secondary Sources       Back to Top


Pro se litigant handbook

This page contains a pro se litigant handbook for filing in federal court, but much of the information applies to any court. Many terms are defined and there are many resources listed for obtaining information, attorneys and other types of help. Anyone seeking to represent themselves in a civil matter can use this handbook as a reference when preparing supporting information and in understanding the progress of a civil case from initiation to appeal. To view the handbook, double click on the PDF document. Do not use the Word document, as you will be unable to open it.


Nolo Self-Help Law

Plain English Legal Center offers Nolo’s legal encyclopedia and legal dictionary. Provides links to legal resources on the Internet and help on conducting legal research.


Law About . . . .

Cornell’s Legal Information Institute has an extensive list of topics. Each gives an overview of the area of law and links to important primary sources in that field.


Law, Lawyers and Legal Resources

The megasite for legal research. Provides links to statutes, cases, and regulations for all 50 states and some foreign countries. Offers information on a variety of legal subjects. Includes Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law.



Site contains many links although it is a membership site, so some are not available to non- members. Includes The Real Life Dictionary of the Law.


United States Law Guide

Library of Congress guide to U.S. law. Gives good overview of how federal law is made and links to various sources of law.


Law Topics

Loads of links to resources (many organization sites) relevant to a variety of law topics.


Duhaime's Dictionary

A direct link to a popular law dictionary.


Wordsmyth Dictionary and Thesaurus

Not a legal dictionary but provides a thesaurus and is very easy to use. Might be of use to users of public access computer.


California Legislation and Codes    Back to Top


Access to California Legislature from 1850 to 2005 

Access to Sessions of California Legislature from 1850 to 2005.


Official California Legislative Information

Access to California bills (including legislative history materials), statutes and the current California Code.


Los Angeles County Law Library, California Ballot Propositions

Lists all California propositions from 1884 to the present including a summary and whether the proposition passed or failed. Indicates where passed propositions have been codified.


California Secretary of State Elections Division

Secretary of State offers the ballot pamphlets for the past six elections.


California Cases     Back to Top 


California Courts

Links to all California Courts; Judicial Counsel forms; Supreme Court opinions, Courts of Appeal opinions; information on judges


FindLaw California: Case Law

California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal cases from 1934 forward.


Law Help

Find Legal Information in California; links to helpful resources.





California Agency Materials   Back to Top


California Code of Regulations

Provides access to current regulations of California agencies. Site is searchable by agency or keyword.


California DLSE Manual

The policies and procedures used to adjudicate wage claims, investigate discrimination and public work complaints are all contained in this manual.


California Department of Consumer Affairs


California Indian Legal Services


Child Support Calculator

State website which allows people to calculate their child support that is owed.


Consumer Legal Guides


Siskiyou County Agency Resource List


State Web Page Agency List

Official California State web page includes a list of all California agencies with contact information.


Federal Legislative Materials   Back to Top


U. S. Constitution

Full text of U.S. Constitution and Amendments as well as a list of the signers.


THOMAS-U. S. Congress on the Internet

Provides access to federal legislative information including the text and status of bills, some hearings and reports and the Congressional Record.


GPO Access: Official Federal Government Information At Your Fingertips

Provides access to federal government information including the U.S. Code and the Code of Federal Regulations


Federal Cases    Back to Top


Supreme Court of the United States

Official U.S. Supreme Court site. Provides docket information on the current term and the full-text of Supreme Court decisions.


Legal Information Institute

Provided by Cornell Law School, LII offers links to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Code, Supreme Court opinions and information by legal topic. Of particular note is its listing of Supreme Court cases from 1990 to the present by issue.


The Federal Judiciary Homepage: News and Information about the  Federal Courts

Provides links to all federal courts. Offers information on the federal judiciary.


Ninth Circuit Homepage

Official home page for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Includes a handbook for pro se litigants. Provides access to 9th Circuit opinions.


Federal Agency Materials    Back to Top


Federal Register


Code of Federal Regulations

Current CFR searchable by citation, by keyword or by using the detailed table of contents.


List of Federal Agencies

First Gov offers contact and other information for federal agencies.


Legal Directories    Back to Top


The State Bar of California

The State Bar’s Member Records Online database provides information on all attorneys licensed to practice in California including disciplinary information. Also provides links to legal resources on the Internet.



Martindale-Hubbell provides national and international listings of attorneys. Can be searched by name, jurisdiction, and/or specialty.


California Legal Specialists

Search for legal specialists certified by the California State Bar and by other accrediting institutions.


Legal Forms    Back to Top


Access Law – Judicial Council Forms

Allows you to open a form and type directly into it and to print it.


California Courts: Forms

California Judicial Council forms. Some are mandatory, some suggested. Printable.


California Secretary of State Business Portal

Provides information for and about California businesses including starting a business and registering trademarks. Includes many business forms.



Fillable Deed forms.


Los Angeles Superior Court – Forms

Local forms used for filing civil actions in LA Superior Court. Many other courts have their local forms available on their web site (All CA court web sites can be found at www.courts.ca.gov).


U.S. Court Forms

Provides huge selection of both business and legal forms. Many are free, but some require payment.


Legal Docs

Includes many legal forms, including many at no cost, for contracts, leases, will, estate planning, corporations, living wills, trusts, and living trusts.


Fed Forms

Forms for hundreds of Federal agencies including the EPA, the Department of Justice, and the Treasury Department.


Business, Personal and Law Practice Forms – The ‘Lectric Lay Library Legal Forms Room

Large collection of legal forms broken into two categories: Business and Legal.


Findlaw for Legal Professionals

The federal forms collection contains court forms for federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts. These forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).


Legal News and Journals    Back to Top


The National Law Journal

A national legal news publication.


The California Bar Journal

The official journal of the California State Bar. Offers news articles on California law. Includes a listing of newly disciplined attorneys including the actions which resulted in discipline.


Hein Online

Millions of journal articles available for review, research and printing.


University Law Review Project

Provides many links to university law review journals.


CourtTV Online


Megasites    Back to Top



One stop shopping for federal and state law. Probably best known law site on the Internet.


Hieros Gamos

Megasite which provides links to federal and state legal information and a wide range of foreign countries.


Internet Legal Resource Guide

An index to thousands of legal sites on the Internet. Includes a forms archive.


The Virtual Chase: Legal Research on the Internet

Started and maintained by a law librarian, includes articles on interest to legal researchers and a number of guides on conducting particular types of legal research on the Internet.



Offers links to state, federal and international sites organized by several searchable topic lists.


Jurist: The Legal Education network

Offers many links including a lot of academic information for legal field. 



Online legal help guides (listen online)



One of the two online legal giants, offers its resources by credit card to non-subscribers.


Pine Tree legal Assistance Links to Other Legal Services Organizations



One of the two giants of online legal research. Most resources are available only to subscribers but non-subscribers can access particular documents and pay via credit card.


Municipal Codes/Ordinances    Back to Top


State Web Page City and County Lists

The California State web page has links to all city and county web sites, many of which include their municipal codes. A great first place to look.


Book Publishing Company

Extensive collection of municipal codes available via the Internet.


American Legal Publishing Corporation

Provides municipal codes for a number of cities in a number of states.


City of Yreka Municipal Codes

Yreka City Municipal Codes


Additional Resources    Back to Top


California Family Law Institute


Cal State University at Hayward - CSUH Library


Southern California Association of Law Libraries

Offers links to internet resources and free access to Locating the Law, SCALL’s guide on legal research for non-law librarians.


Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL)

Offers links to internet resources.


Los Angles County Law Library

Excellent starting place for legal research. Offers research guides, links to legal research sites, and California ballot proposition information.


Sacramento County Public Law Library

Offers links to legal resources and legal research guides.


San Diego County Public Law Library Home Page

Offers links to resources and services and a number of research guides.


San Francisco Law Library Home Page

Offers links to legal resources on the Internet and legal research guides.


California Courts Self-Help Center

Answers questions for self represented litigants on a number of topics, including Free and Low-Cost Legal Help, You Don’t Have to Sue, Going to Court, Help Finding Additional Information, Family Law, Traffic Information, Small Claims, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Law, and many more.


Alexandria Law Library

The goal of this site is to simplify web-based legal research focusing on information of particular interest to the judiciary.


General Reference Sources    Back to Top


Zip Codes


Zip Code USPS


Government Web sites    Back to Top


Federal Government











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