Traffic & Other Infractions
Please take note that additional statewide information regarding traffic self-help is available on the California Courts website at: www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-traffic.htm.
Traffic Payments
Pay your fine or traffic ticket online.
Pay Now

Please Take Note: You may ask the court at arraignment to consider your ability to pay due to financial hardship and decide whether to approve a reduced fine with a payment plan or community service, you may schedule an appearance in court for arraignment without deposit of bail.

Fix It Violations

    "Fix It" Violations and how to provide Proof of Correction to the Court.


Bail Reductions & Notices

    Information to assist once a citation has been issued.


Plea of Not Guilty

    Options for Plea of Not Guilty.


FTA & Collections

    If you fail to submit all required monies and documents to the court by the continuance date granted.


Transfer of Citations

    Options for sending citations to other courts.


Traffic School

    Eligibility and options for traffic violator school (TVS).


Superior Court of California, County of Siskiyou