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Family Law

Family Law covers divorce, separation, custody, support, visitation, adoption and guardianships and matters relating to those proceedings.


All adoptions are filed in the Family Law Division.

Custody, Support, Visitation

Many different types of cases involve the custody, support and visitation of children. Some of these are Dissolution or Separation, Parentage, Custody and Domestic Violence cases. The Court has a goal of making sure children spend time with both parents, are supported by both parents, and have a plan that is in their best interest.

The Court has mediators to further the goals as stated above and to assist parents in reaching a parenting plan.

    Divorce or Separation

    There are many issues that have to be addressed during this process. The links below will give information and assistance to resolve these issues.


    A Guardianship case is when the Court determines someone other than a parent should have custody of a child. Family Law Division handles guardianship cases.

    Restraining Orders

    The most important basic step is to be safe. Please review this link, before proceeding with any of the others.


    Visit the Mediator’s Corner, giving information that will assist you with the mediation process.

    Family Law FAQs

    These general FAQs should be helpful to everyone with any kind of a family law issue.

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