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Citation Transfer

Transfer of Citations to Other Courts

Only juvenile cases (under the age of 18) are transferred to the county of their residency if that county accepts transfers. Adult cases are not transferred.

The court understands that many defendants live far from the court and that it is extremely difficult for them to appear in court to plead their cases. For that reason, most cases (infractions) can be resolved through the mail and many options are available as outlined below:

  • Sending the bail and/or proof of correction on fix-it items to close the case
  • For California licensed drivers, attending traffic school to keep the violation from adding points to the DMV record and masking the violation from the insurance company
  • Trial by Declaration
  • Entering a not guilty plea and setting a Court Trial date through the mail

California courts are under no obligation to send bail notices. However, most courts, including ours, send one courtesy bail notice to the address written on the citation. The notice indicates the original bail amount, without proof of correction(s), if applicable. If the court receives no response from this bail notice, or if the continuance date lapses, you may be found guilty in absentia.  You will be notified of this ruling and have 20 days to pay, provide proof of corrections, or request an appearance date.  If no response to this notice, your case will then be referred to a collection agency.

If the case has been turned over to collections see Trial in Absentia and Collections.

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