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Traffic & Other Infractions

Request Ability-To-Pay Consideration

If you have a financial hardship and can show that you are unable to pay the full amount of a fine for any infraction offense (including traffic offenses), you may ask the Court to consider your ability to pay in setting the total amount due online or in-person at any point before your fines and fees are fully paid.

The MyCitations online tool allows you to enter a plea and make an ability to pay request on eligible infractions. In addition to requesting a reduction, you can request a payment plan, more time to pay, or ask to complete community service in lieu of paying fines and fees.

Do not use the online tool if you wish to:

1) contest the citation,

2) you would like to attend traffic school, or

3) you have proof of correction and would like a dismissal or reduction of those charges.

Additional statewide information regarding traffic self-help is available on the California Courts website.


  • Fix It Violations

    "Fix It" Violations and how to provide Proof of Correction to the Court.

  • Bail Reductions & Notices

    Information to assist once a citation has been issued.

  • Plea of Not Guilty

    Options for Plea of Not Guilty.

  • Trial in Absentia & Collections

    If you fail to submit all required monies and documents to the court by the due date.

  • Transfer of Citations

    Options for sending citations to other courts.

  • Traffic School

    Eligibility and options for traffic violator school (TVS).

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