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Fix It Violations

 Fix It Violations and how to provide Proof of Correction to the Court.

The clerk has limited authority to accept proofs of correction.

On the reverse side of the citation a space has been provided for the official sign-off of correctable violations.

After you have corrected the violation(s), take the cited vehicle and the citation to a peace officer (the DMV if you have a registration violation) for inspection. The peace officer/DMV will check to make sure the violation(s) have been corrected and then sign off the citation. Make sure the officer/DMV personnel indicates:

  • the violation(s) cleared
  • the officer's name and badge number (legible)
  • out-of-state officer signs off, we need the name of his agency and location

After having the citation signed off, you must send it to the court for a reduction of bail. Before you send in the signed-off citation, you will need to determine how much bail must also be paid.

The court accepts NO REPAIR BILLS.

If there are no moving violations on the citation, most likely the bail will be the state-mandated fee of $25.00 per correctable violation for “fix-it” type citations. However, there are some violations that appear to be fix-it violations that are standards: meaning, there is a regular bail due. Often the citing officer will tell you that “he's just writing you a fix-it citation that will cost you no money”, however that may not be correct. The citing officers are not aware of the bail schedule developed by Judicial Council of California and used by all California Courts. Also, some violations that were fix-it violations in the past may have been upgraded to standard violations, and vice versa.

If you have any questions regarding the bail due on the citation, please contact our office for assistance. Please remember, in order to clear the case it is up to you to send in either a properly signed off citation or the total bail due without proof of correction. The officer signing off the citation does not send it in to the court, nor does his sign-off automatically clear the citation. You must get the signed off citation to the court and pay all applicable fees.

There are some violations for which a copy of the official document should be submitted to the clerk as proof of correction for a bail reduction. If you have questions about whether the violation is applicable, please contact the Court for assistance.


If the officer cited you for "California Registration Required" the citation must be cleared by either the California DMV, California Highway Patrol Officer, or a copy of your current California registration. Please do not send in an out-of-state registration, as it will be returned to you for California registration. If, however, the officer has only written “registration required” or “registration expired”, and you live out of state, a clerk can clear the case with a copy of the new registration. The $25.00 fee is also due with registration violations.

If you fail to submit all required documents and monies to our office within the continuance date, the case will be considered Failure to Appear (FTA). If the case goes FTA, an additional $200.00 will be added to the original amount due and the account will be turned over to Financial Credit Network, who will add a civil assessment up to $100.00 pursuant to Penal Code 1214.1.

Insurance Violations

Insurance Violations – 16028(a) VC: If you were cited under this code and you send proof that the vehicle was insured prior to citation date, $25.00 is due; if the insurance was purchased after the citation date, $445.00 is due; if no proof of insurance is provided, $815.00 is due. Please note that a signed off citation is not accepted as proof of correction; a copy of the insurance card must be provided to the clerk.

If you have decided not to provide proof of correction, or if you already have provided proof of correction, but not yet paid, you may pay your traffic ticket now by clicking the Pay Now button at the top of this page.

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