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Juror Portal (Jury+ Web Solutions)

Juror Portal

The court has implemented changes for jurors and is now more interactive.  Summoned jurors can complete and verify their information online prior to arriving at the courthouse for jury service, saving jurors valuable time. 

The online juror portal provides a convenient way for you to complete the following actions associated with your jury service: 

  • If you have been summoned for jury service, you can logon to the juror portal (link above) using the juror ID number listed on your summons and your date of birth. 
  • Once you are logged on to the juror portal, please review and verify your juror details. 
  • Complete the juror questionnaire and information. 
  • If you would like to receive E-notifications, either through email or text message, then complete the contact and messaging information.  
  • You may even request a postponement of your jury service or upload a document on the portal.  You may request one postponement of your jury service.   

If you need assistance or have questions, you may call (530) 842-0411, option #4.

If you do not have access to the internet, a computer or mobile device, when you arrive for jury service, please let the jury clerk know and you will be provided with the paper form of the juror questionnaire and information to complete.  

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